Organizing сommitte

Organizer: Scientific and Production Enterprise "Special Materials".

Sponsoring organization: "Technomash", Russian Space Agency.

Conference site and dates: Saint Petersburg, july 3-5, 2017 (period for "white nights")

Local organizing committee:

  1. Mikhail Silnikov  — сorr. Member RAS, Prof., Dr.Sc.-Hab., Director General Scientific and Production Enterprise “Special Materials”  - сhair
  2. Andrew Mikhaylin  — сorr. Member RAMAS, Prof., Dr.Sc.-Hab., vice director general for Research and Development of Scientific and Production Enterprise “Special Materials”  - organizational department
  3. Mikhail Chernyshov  — Dr.Sc.-Hab.,St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Head of Department


Program Chair: Nickolay Smirnov — Prof., Dr.Sc.-Hab., International Academy of Astronautics Com. on Space Physical Science Chair, Moscow M.V.Lomonosov State University, Russia

Program Committee::

  1. Igor V. Barmin — Corr. Member RAS, General Designer, Federal State Enterprize “TsENKI”, Russian Space Agency, Russia.
  2. Vladimir Betelin — Academician RAS, Scientific leader of Federal Science Center “Scientific Research Institute for System Studies Russian Academy of Sciences”, Russia
  3. Jean Michel Contant  — IAA Secretary General, France
  4. Grunde Jomaas  — Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
  5. Jaye Koo  — Professor, Korea Aerospace University, Seoul, Korea
  6. Susan McKenna-Lawlor  — Academician, Prof. D.Sc., IAA Com. on Space Physical Science Academician-Secretary., Ireland
  7. Vyacheslav Nosikov  — Adviser to General director “NPO “Technomash”, Russian Space Agency
  8. Oleg N. Ostapenko  — Dr.Sc. General-Colonel, Head of Russian Space Agency 2013-2015, Vice Rector St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  9. Dmitriy Panov  — general director of “NPO “Technomash”, Russian Space Agency
  10. Igor Rubtsov  — director of scientific Analytic Centre “NPO “Technomash”, Russian Space Agency
  11. Mikhail Silnikov  — сorr. Member RAS, Prof., Dr.Sc.-Hab., Director General Scientific and Production Enterprise “Special Materials”